Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood?

Students sit in one of the District’s two “big chairs.”

The Community and Economic Development Clinic (CEDLC) finished up its two day orientation in August by going local! CEDLC represents community-based organizations and individuals in a range of matters, including choice of entity, governance, financing, housing, small  business development, legislation and advocacy. This year, CEDLC  has 20 students: 16 for the full year and four who will be working in the fall or spring  semester with the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law to represent clients in New Orleans.

Ben’s Chili Bowl – a D.C. institution

A key part of clinic orientation is getting students out into the community to see their clients and to situate those clients in their neighborhoods. In the past, CEDLC rented a bus and drove students around the city.  For the past five years, however, CEDLC has opted for a scavenger hunt. The hunt is designed to take students to all 8 wards of the city, to clients’ locations, and to key resources and identifiers in the community. While the scavenger hunt is great fun, it also encourages independence and gives the students opportunities to work in teams, practice collaboration, and gain valuable context for their client representations.

In memory of Chuck Brown, students were assigned to find a Go-go club.
In another musical tribute, students visited Duke Ellington’s childhood home in Logan Circle.