Doug Keillor Gets a Fulbright


Congratulations to Doug Keillor, a student attorney in our International Human Rights Law Clinic.  A 2012 WCL graduate, Doug is one of two WCL students to receive a Fulbright award. Doug will go to Mexico City, where he will be conducting research into the scope and causes of excessive juvenile pretrial detention, working in conjunction with Instituto de Justicia Procesal Penal, Defensa de Niñas y Niños Internacional, Reintegra and the Open Society Justice Initiative.

While at WCL, Doug also participated in the UN Committee Against Torture Project with Dean Grossman and took several international law courses.  Doug said about his clinic experience, “Clinic was key to my Fulbright project.  Working with human rights victims, researching human rights laws in foreign countries, and interviewing witnesses are all critical skills that I will use during my Fulbright project.  Not only that, but the clinic faculty helped me to put my Fulbright application together and supported me at every step along the way.”

We’re proud of Doug, and of all our clinic graduates.