Why We Are Blogging

Blogging is a new frontier for us at the Clinic, and we’re excited about it.  It’s difficult to capture fully the flavor and texture of what we do on a garden-variety web page, and we think this blog can help.  On any given day, we might have students rushing to court, preparing filings, interviewing new clients, negotiating with opposing counsel, and facilitating a community meeting.  We see students who are exhilarated about a favorable outcome, and other students who are dejected that the system didn’t cut their client a break this time.  Students pass through the front office in a nervous frenzy about a mock trial exercise, or excitedly planning a creative presentation for their next case rounds.  We may hear 5 different languages spoken in a 30-minute span, and someone is usually drinking coffee somewhere.  Every day, our organization is about the students who make it work, and the people who trust those students to serve them.  It’s dynamic and exciting.

We’d like to use this blog to give snapshots of what we’re doing behind these doors.  Much of our work is a bit of a mystery to students who aren’t in the program, and we want students considering applying to Clinic to understand the variety of experiences our student attorneys are having.  This is our way of drawing back the curtain a little, to reflect on what we see, and what we and our students are learning together.

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